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20132014Repair and Maintenance EVA on ISStemporary interruption of SOLAR due to partial cooling failure

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Solar Facility Responsible Centre

For the SOLAR, three complementary space science instruments measure the solar spectral irradiance across almost the whole spectrum: 17-3000 nm. This range carries 99% of the Sun's emitted energy.

The three instruments are:

  • SOLSPEC (Solar Spectra Irradiance Measurements, developed by CNRS, France and IASB/BIRA, Belgium)
  • SOL-ACES (Auto-Calibrating Extreme Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet Spectrophotometers, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, Deutschland)
  • SOVIM (Solar Variable and Irradiance Monitor, jointly developed by the Observatory of DAVOS, Switzerland and the Royal Meteorological Institute, Belgium) (not running anymore)

Based on good performance of the two remaining instruments ( SOVIM stopped to work after few months), the SolACES and SOLSPEC science teams have recently received an acceptation from HSO-A for a second extension of the SOLAR mission, up to end of February 2017.